Happiness is a Rainbow

Imagine for a second that you could choose at will to relive the past, during a time when you were happier and free of responsibilities. Would you want this power? I believe this is an absolutely vital question for one to ask, ask I so often hear people tell me how they just wish for the day to end, or the week to end. I similarly often wish to be transported to a place far from all the pain and suffering of my reality, and to experience what I feel I deserve. But this is not a true desire, it is only the illusion of a desire, because what I truly want is to live happily now. That I believe is the solution to this problem that so many of us face.Happy Kids

It is quite obvious, but often those things that are right in front of us are the most difficult to find. Remember a time when you were looking for something so frantically but couldn’t find it,  only to have someone point out that it was under your nose the whole time? I like to compare that to the idea of happiness and realizing it this very moment. We have all heard at one point or another, “Happiness comes from within” or “Happiness is a choice” or “Believe you are happy and you’ll be happy”. It’s all just so simple, but that makes it so frustrating. We all so desperately want the pain to end, to be filled with joy at every moment, and to have everything run smoothly, and therefore we imagine a time in which this was the case, and hope with all our might to be transported there- but to no avail.

So would living at a time in the past or future solve the problem? I think not. Happiness cannot be lived in the future or past; it is exclusive to the present. And besides, the past and future are merely fantasies that we’ve conjured. There is nothing real about them, and what’s more, we only fantasize about the a happier history or more successful future when we’re not present. Happiness can only be experienced in the present, and thus to truly solve this dilemma of wanting to escape your reality and experience a better one, realize the moment you are in right now. It’s right under your nose.

So don’t go looking for it!


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