The Way of Vegetarianism

Vegetarianism as a way of life…

A Meditative Life

“The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated”. These are the words of Mahatma Gandhi. As a saint that was of tremendous influence in the world, this quote should not be taken lightly. And by that I mean it is wise to listen and act according to the words of a saint. One can think about becoming a vegetarian, and a thought it will remain until it is acted upon. Real action must be taken in order for there to be real and profound change in the world, instead of wearing oneself down with high ideals that never materialize. I wish to address the pain that animals undergo in our current society, and what we as individuals can do about it.

The horror of the rhino dehorning in South Africa is but a fraction of the animal cruelty in the world, but nonetheless…

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