The Scientific Power of Meditation

In 1993, a group meditation study took place in Washington, DC. Approximately 4000 participants from 81 different countries were Dec-242_zpsce177818attracted to the National Demonstration Project, which aimed to prove the power of meditation to reduce violent crime. The District of Columbia was referred to as the “murder capital” in the early 1990’s, and thus it was the most appropriate place to conduct this experiment. The results were astonishing. The project ran for a month, and during the final week, the reduction in crime reached a staggering 23.3%.

I live in South Africa, and the crime rate is notoriously high. People here often grow agitated about crime, as it is something that they are in real opposition against, yet they have no real plans of action, and ultimately feel helpless. That is where the study mentioned above comes in. If you truly want to reduce crime, then there is no excuse if you’ve heard of this study. It is scientific proof of how meditation truly has the power to change the world. There is no better time than now.

I first heard about this group meditation study when watching a Youtube video called ‘2012- A Message of Hope‘. It is a very powerful video and I recommend it to anyone interested in the effects of meditation, and the science behind our emotions and thoughts.

One critique a person might have of this idea of meditating to reduce crime is that it is the opposite to what I’ve said in previous posts, where one meditates without any attachment to the results. Yet that’s just what goes with meditation; letting go of one’s thoughts and preoccupations, and being entirely present. It is immensely challenging at first as most people find. But like with everything, the more you meditate, the more you learn to view thoughts as nothing more than thoughts. You have no obligation to hold onto them; they are in actual fact valueless. The only value the hold is that which you allow them to have. It is very possible for one to have violent thoughts, sexual fantasies, or other kinds of disturbing things come to mind while meditating. Just remember that your thoughts are not real, and you have nothing to worry about. Here is a short video on meditation for anyone who has not meditated before.Medgroup-1

We ultimately all choose what to do with our lives every second. And I am in no position to tell people how to act, nor does anyone else. There is no such thing as the meditation police. So never feel like you have to meditate, or do it out of duty. It will just be more difficult that way. Do it because you want to. And there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the more you meditate, and the more other people start to follow your example, the world will gradually begin to awaken.



  1. It’s so hard when people think you’re stupid because you meditate. Dealing with people like that has been my biggest obstacle ever since I started meditation. Coming close to the end now though…

  2. Awesome article Gustav. Keep it up, we need more people to hear this message.

    1. Thanks Grant:) I love to hear feedback.

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