The Laughing Meditation

What I aim to do with this post is to get a dialog going. Not only with you, but with myself.  Through this I hope to come to a greater understanding of what meditation is really about, instead of just going through the motions every morning. If this short piece brings any clarity to anyone, then fantastic, and if not, then that’s fine all the same.

I can no better describe meditation than what has been said before, nor can I give more sound advice on how to do so effectively. What I will do is discuss a certain kind of meditation that really caught my interest. It is laughing meditation. And it’s exactly what it sounds like; you simply laugh. The idea is so ridiculous, that something as serious as meditation can be done in such a way. But that is precisely the whole point this meditation makes- that it should not be taken seriously, just like life. I like to use babies as an analogy. They just laugh because the love laughing. Everything is just so

Recall a time when you were laughing so hysterically that you were in stitches. And while you were doing so, I can bet that you weren’t thinking about the past or the future, but rather living in the moment. You probably forgot that you were a person with a sense of dignity to uphold. You probably forgot you were human altogether, even if it was just for one second. That is one of the predominant outcomes of true meditation- becoming one with everything. The funny thing is that were anyone to see laugh so meaninglessly they’d say you were insane, or high, or something that would justify why you are so happy. Because it’s not fair. You can’t be happy for no reason.Yet that is completely within our power, and laughing meditation demonstrates that perfectly.

Although one thing I must say now is this: describing the sensation of this meditation to someone is as fruitless as trying to explain a color to a blind person. You either do it or you don’t. If you do it, you understand. If you don’t do it, it’s as good as useless. This meditation I believe is best done in private (for obvious reasons). But technically it can be done anywhere. You don’t have to laugh out loud necessarily. Even if it’s just in your head. Realize the humor of this great play that we call life. It’s not much more than that after all, is it? We wake up in the morning, and whether consciously or sub-consciously, we tell ourselves that we’re a particular kind of person with certain traits and we must act in a certain way to retain our social standing (which is ultimately just in our heads- no one really keeps score but ourselves). So instead of going about your morning on autopilot, laugh for two minutes.

Everything said here could be wrong, so believe nothing until you’ve tried it for yourself.



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  2. Deadly stuff man! Really enjoyable piece of writing ;:

    1. thanks man. although I plan to make a more challenging and thought-provoking post next.

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