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The South African Police That Dragged a Mozambican Taxi Driver Behind Their Vehicle

  New York Times– South Africans Outraged After Police Drag Man The title of this story primes the audience to view the police as the aggressors and the citizens as good and innocent. An activation tag here is the word “Outraged”, thus the audience will be primed to respond in anger and disgust. Just below […]

The Death of the Guru of the West

Paramahansa Yogananda was and still is famous in the West for his ageless classic, Autobiography of a Yogi. On March 7, 1952, he died at the surprisingly youthful age of 59, especially considering his spiritual life. Although it is certain that the greatness of a guru is not judged by the years that he lived, but […]

The Mystery of Life

I like to think of the mystery of life as the greatest of all magic tricks. When a magician shows me an impressive magic trick, I always want to know how he did it. I don’t ask out loud, however, because I don’t really want to know. The reason for this is that as soon as I […]

The Scientific Power of Meditation

In 1993, a group meditation study took place in Washington, DC. Approximately 4000 participants from 81 different countries were attracted to the National Demonstration Project, which aimed to prove the power of meditation to reduce violent crime. The District of Columbia was referred to as the “murder capital” in the early 1990’s, and thus it […]

The Idolization of Buddha

The purpose of meditation is to attain enlightenment. Over 2500 years ago, Siddhartha Gautama (now known as Buddha) sat beneath a large banyan tree. He vowed not to leave his spot until he had realized the highest Truth. After spending 49 days in a deep state of meditation, he finally became enlightened. This is quite far from […]

Meditation, Religion and Atheism

With the election of the Pope Francis yesterday, I decided it to be pertinent to discuss religion. It is a well-known fact that the Vatican is rife with pedophilia, and this is the main point I wish to address. How can we take religion seriously (in this case Catholicism) if boys are being molested by […]

Meditation for Western Man

Oprah Winfrey has recently collaborated with close friend and guru Deepak Chopra in creating the Oprah & Deepak 21-Day Meditation Challenge – Perfect Health. The course will focus on meditation for 15 minutes a day, and “participants will have the opportunity to learn more about the many benefits of this practice.” The link above also lists Chopra’s […]